College Honors Programs

The James Scholars Programs

Each college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a James Scholar Program. These programs are named for Edmund J. James, the fourth president of the University of Illinois (1904-1920), who brought world-class scholars and researchers to the campus, developed many new undergraduate and graduate programs, and fostered a sense of community among faculty and students.

His achievements helped to transform the University of Illinois into a center of international importance. Our James Scholar programs may require completion of Honors Credit Learning Agreements.

The Learning Agreement (HCLA) enables James Scholars to complete honors requirements without enrolling in special honors courses or sections. An HCLA is a contract between a James Scholar and an instructor, whereby the student agrees to complete a special course-related activity, in addition to or in lieu of regular work.

Information on the James Scholars programs, and the other unique honors programs associated with the colleges, can be found through the following links: