College of Applied Health Sciences

James Scholar Program


Outstanding entering freshmen are invited to participate in the College of Applied Health Sciences James Scholar Program. These incoming students are notified of their eligibility in a letter from the College.


To qualify as a James Scholar in AHS and have this certification entered on the student's record and transcript each year, the student must:

  • Have completed 14 graded hours at Illinois;
  • Have and maintain a 3.5 grade-point average;
  • Complete two of the following special activities each academic year:
    • Complete, with a minimum grade of B (3.0), at least a 2-hour course as honors.*
    • Complete, with a minimum grade of B (3.0), 2- to 5-hour course such as Honors, Honors Seminar, Independent Study, Selected Topics, Senior Research, Special Problems, or Undergraduate Thesis.*
    • Receive no less than a B (3.0) in a graduate level course. Approval of the AHS College is required for an undergraduate to register in a graduate level course.
    • Juniors are required to pick one of three tracks to complete over the last four semesters: Research, Leadership or Civic Commitment.

*Must also complete an Honors Credit Learning Agreement available from advisors or the College office.

Departmental Honors Programs

Within the College, individual departments have developed honors programs for undergraduate students who show excellence and special interest in their chosen majors.

Interested and qualified students usually join such departmental honors programs and organizations in the sophomore year or at the beginning of the junior year.

To join an AHS department honors program or organization, contact your academic advisor before the end of your sophomore year.