College of FIne and Applied Arts

James Scholar Program

The James Scholar Program in the College of Fine and Applied Arts is designed to allow students to demonstrate superior academic performance and further distinguish themselves through unique educational experiences. Named after one of the University's most distinguished past presidents, James Scholars enjoy many benefits, including: the opportunity to take designated honors courses; priority registration for classes; notation of James Scholar designation on academic transcripts; expanded access to library facilities; and participation with faculty in independent study and/or undergraduate research projects on topics of special interest.

Admission: Outstanding entering freshmen are invited by letter to participate in the program based on a review of their academic criteria for admission. Students with academic profiles that are in the top 10-15% of the entering class are invited to become James Scholars in the summer before they arrive on campus. Transfer students with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.50 also receive letters of invitation. After the completion of the first semester and through the end of their junior year, any student may join by completing the self-nomination form available in the FAA Student Affairs Office, Room 110 Architecture Building. Admission requires a 3.50 G.P.A. for continuing or transfer students.

Once designated as James Scholars, students must meet the following requirements to remain in the program:

  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • Complete a minimum course load of 14 hours each semester.
  • Complete an honors experience each semester while in residence. Students enrolled in off campus programs (e.g., study abroad, student teaching, and off campus internships) are exempt from the honors experience requirement. Honors experiences include :