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  • Campus DHCP Upgrade: March 13, 2012

    On Tue Mar 13, 2012 between 5:30-7:00am, the production Infoblox grid for the campus DHCP service will be upgraded from its current software version (6.1.3) to the latest release from the vendor (6.3.3).

    What's different:

    • When you initially log in, you will now see the new (faster-loading) Tasks Dashboard.  To see the old Status Dashboard, just click Status in the second row of tabs.
    • Some screens now have a fourth row of tabs instead of accordion-style subpanels, to make navigation more intuitive.
    • When editing a DHCP Range, the IPv4 Filters subscreen now contains two distinct areas: a Class Filter List and a Logic Filter List.  To restrict access to a Range based on membership in a MAC Address filter, you must add the MAC Address filter to the Class Filter List.

    What's new:

    • Faster GUI performance, especially for non-superusers with many permissions
    • Several tables now allow you to add a MAC Address column, e.g. when displaying the contents of a Network in DHCP View (helpful for looking at Fixed Addresses).
    • Reserved Ranges allow you to organize your Fixed Addresses (and unassigned addresses) into named IP address blocks for easy visualization and management; e.g. you could designate a particular range for printers.  See the Admin Guide for details.

    How will services be affected during the upgrade window?

    • During the upgrade window, users will not be able to log in to Grid Manager (via the GUI or the API) to make configuration changes.
    • Due to the use of DHCP Failover and the fact that the appliances upgrade sequentially, clients will in general still be able to obtain DHCP leases during the upgrade window. However, if a particular DHCP Range is very nearly full and experiencing a lot of churn (old clients leaving and new clients joining the network) during the upgrade window, it is possible that some new clients joining that range may not be able to obtain leases until both servers are back online.

    If you would like to preview the new software version prior to the upgrade date, you may log into the dev grid at

    Please contact with any questions or feedback.

    Important Reminder for API Users

    After the upgrade date, you will need to update your installation of the Infoblox API perl modules on any client systems that you use to run Infoblox API scripts against the production grid.  Note that this upgrade cannot be applied to your production environments ahead of time; see the service documentation ( for further explanation.

    We recommend that you set up a test environment prior to the upgrade date to verify that your API scripts will work as expected against the new software version.  You can download the new perl modules from

    Be sure that your test scripts specify (master => "") when creating a Session.


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