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  • Integrated IPAM Announcement

    CITES Networking is pleased to announce that on Saturday, June 23, we will be migrating campus DNS to our new integrated IPAM ("IP Address Management") platform. It's finally here: our new platform will serve as the one-stop-shop for all DNS and DHCP self-service configuration.

    What is changing and why?
    Previously, CITES offered DNS self-service via the Proteus web interface, and DHCP self-service via the Infoblox Grid Manager. For customers who use CITES for DNS and DHCP, that meant IP address management in two separate systems. Going forward, CITES DNS and DHCP will be known as CITES IPAM and will provide one platform for managing both DNS and DHCP.

    Detailed information about the new IPAM platform, including updated DNS service documentation, will be provided at a later date; this initial announcement is meant to advise the campus of the upcoming change and encourage IT Pros to participate in training activities.

    When will this change take place?
    Although the actual cutover will take place on Saturday, June 23, 2012, it will be necessary for CITES to "freeze" data in both systems for three days prior starting at 8:00AM on Wednesday, June 20. IT Pros who use the current self-service web applications will need to plan accordingly.

    What do I need to do?
    If you are a user, no changes are needed on your part. No client configuration changes (i.e., campus resolver address, etc.) will be needed as a result of this migration.

    If you are an IT Pro, you need to do two things:

    1) Come to training! CITES will offer the first of three IPAM training sessions at the IT Pro Forum on June 7th, 2012. Space for this session is limited to 50 participants, so if you would like to attend this session, be sure to register for IT Pro Forum at and choose the 1:30PM session titled "Integrated DNS and DHCP with the new IP Address Management (IPAM) Appliance". Two additional training sessions will be held between June 11-22 (exact dates still to be determined) for those unable to attend the IT Pro Forum session.

    2) Stay tuned for more information! Keep an eye on the TECHSUPPORT listserv or check our website at for the latest details about the upcoming DNS migration.

    What if I have questions?
    Questions about this announcement can be directed to

    -Illinois IPAM Administrators

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