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  • Day 8: Saturday, July, 16, 2011

     The last surgery of the day was a young puppy with bilateral grade 4 displaced luxating patellas.  Dr. Bennett agreed to do surgery so that hopefully they will become more stable as the puppy grows up.  Prior to surgery the owners relinquished the dog to one of the other veterinarians on the trip, Dr. Ana.  She named him Benny, after Dr. Bennett.  Afterwards we all gathered for a group picture before leaving.

     Dinner that night was unique – rather than going to a local restaurant we were treated to a barbeque from our Costa Rican friends.  We borrowed a grill and stopped at a grocery store on the way back from the clinic.  Everyone had a much-needed chance to get cleaned up and relax for a little while after we got back to the university.  Later, the grill was lit, the music was turned on, and the party started!  Among other things they cooked up beef, chorizo, corn, and other grilled vegetables.  The university campus has a lot of wildlife and we were visited by cane toads, an armadillo, and way too many bugs.  Eventually we had to call it a night so we could get some sleep for our large animal clinics the following day.


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