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  • IPRH Grant

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    Recently it was announced that the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities was awarded more than $2 million to support new humanities initiatives on campus. This newest Mellon grant builds on the foundations of the 2013 Humanities Without Walls Initiative and comes on the heels of five National Endowment for Humanities fellowships in December. These are the hallmarks of a comprehensive public research university – one where excellence is found in every corner of our campus and where we have a community that brings all of these disciplines together in new and exciting ways.

  • Imagining Possibility

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    Welcome to a new semester at Illinois. I hope that everyone in our campus community had the opportunity to rest, reflect and recharge over the winter break.

  • Hallmarks of Illinois Excellence

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    With the semester rapidly drawing to a close and our attention focused on the multitude of tasks yet to be completed, it seems like a perfect time to step back and reflect on some of the great honors and awards earned by our faculty and students.

  • Illinois as an International Destination

    Last week, we learned that Illinois ranks first among American public universities as a destination for international students, according to the Open Doors report, released by the Institute of International Education last week. And our international enrollment is only surpassed by private universities NYU and USC, respectively.

  • State of the Campus Address

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    On Monday, November 10, I shared these remarks with Chicago-area alumni and friends. I will bring some of the same messages to other audiences in the weeks and months to come.

  • The Innovation Deficit

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    I am sharing the text from my most recent LinkedIn Influencer post, “Let’s Fix It: The Innovation Deficit.” Influencers were invited to submit posts themed around the idea of “fixing” a problem, and I thought the innovation deficit was a pertinent topic. To see the original post and to view reader’s comments, please see the post on LinkedIn.

  • Collaborative Learning at Illinois

    New Electrical and Computer Engineering Building.
    New Electrical and Computer Engineering Building.

    At Illinois, we combine some of the brightest faculty in the world with some of the most promising students in the world. And we ensure that students’ learning experiences here will be so moving and transformative that when they leave they are equipped to follow their dreams. In order to do that, we are investing to ensure that they have a space that furthers that goal. As I’ve been traveling around campus the past couple of weeks, I have been so pleased to see several new collaborative learning spaces that are open for the first time.

  • Annual Meeting of the Faculty

    On Monday, October 13, at the invitation of the Academic Senate, President Easter and I had the chance to offer remarks to the campus faculty community. As usual, this annual event was a chance to talk about some of the great accomplishments of the past year, some exciting initiatives on the horizon and to address some of the challenges along the way. And also as usual, the questions and discussion following our remarks was spirited and gave those on the campus an open opportunity to offer opinions and responses to our comments. I know it is difficult to find a time and place for all to attend, so I am sharing a version of my comments on the blog this week. As those of you who have been in an audience where I speak will know, this is not an exact transcript of my words - but it is the text from which I spoke on Monday.


  • Welcome to Illinois

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    Welcome back. And for those of you who are joining us for the first time, welcome to Illinois!


  • The Principles on Which We Stand

    As you may be aware, Vice President Christophe Pierre and I wrote to Prof. Steven Salaita on Aug. 1, informing him of the university’s decision not to recommend further action by the Board of Trustees concerning his potential appointment to the faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.