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  • How colleges can import profiles

    Web Services now provides a way for colleges to insert their profiles into the campus web directory. Colleges that wish to participate need to provide two URLs.  The first URL needs to contain the person's net ID. When a detail view of a profile is displayed Web Services will call this URL in order to get additional HTML content. The HTML content that is returned will be added to the person’s profile under their email address section. If a person reports to more than one college and the other colleges have also provided content for this person then we will provide a set of college content tabs. The first tab will always be the home college of the person in question. If a profile was created within the Web Services Profile Editor then we will display it as the last tab. At the bottom of each profile we will display the second URL that will be used to point people to the appropriate profile editor.

    How to provide us a profile:

    Web Services will need a URL that can contain a person’s NET ID.

    Below are some examples:




    How we can point your staff and faculty to your profile editor:

    Web Services also requires that you provide a second URL for us to communicate to your staff on where they can edit their information. This URL can contain a NET ID but it is not required. This URL could be a web page, web form, portal, etc.

    Web Content Requirements:

    The HTML content block for a person needs to follow the below formatting rules so that content can be displayed properly within skins and on mobile devices.

    Rule 1:

    The only HTML tags allowed are: H4, H5, A, UL, OL, LI, DIV, P, B, I, U, STRONG, EM, SUB, SUP, and IMG.

    Rule 2:

    No CLASS or STYLE attributes are allowed. No JavaScript is allowed.

    Rule 3:

    All content blocks must start with at least one H4. If H5s are used within an H4 then there must be at least two H5s used. DIV or P tags can be used following an H4 or H5 tags. H4 and H5 tags can contain A tags. Any number of H4 tags can be used.

    Example of valid content:

    header 1





    header 2


    sub header 1






    sub header 2



    How can I do this without a programmer:

    On your web site create a folder.  Within that folder create the profiles that would be imported by our system.  All of the wep pages would be named netid.html .  Example:  lance.html, wilsonjr.html, etc.  These web pages would only contain the content outlined above.

    How to get started:

    Contact Lance Campbell, lance@illinois.edu, to get started right away.

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