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  • Fall is here!

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    By Afroza Faruque

    Time flies when you’re having fun! And as you finish up the first month of this semester, we hope that you’ve been enjoying yourself. To our new students, we welcome you once again to the U of I and hope that you’re settling into your classes and new home. To our returning students, we hope that you had a wonderful summer – we know it can be hard to come back sometimes! You may have noticed a few major changes to our site that we hope make it easier to find the information you need.

    First things first – Fall is here! With the cooler weather comes changing leaves, apple cider and of course, football season! Lots of orange and blue! You may have noticed a lot of barbecuing going on before the game – this is part of tailgating, where friends will get together, eat and play games. Then there’s the actual game at the stadium, with a sea of orange and blue and excited cheers showing school pride. In an upcoming post, we’ll talk a bit more about football culture at the U of I and why people are so crazy about it!

    One of the things that amaze many students when they first arrive here is the size of this campus - it’s huge! You may have realized this when you found yourself running to your next class with only a few minutes to spare. There’s always something to do or somewhere to be, and we hope to use this blog to highlight some of the activities going on all over campus that may be of interest to you. The nice thing about such a big campus is that there are so many people to meet and so many new places to explore. We hope you’re ready!

    After meeting us at New Student Check-in, you may be wondering what’s next at ISSS? Check out our website, where we post events that are going on throughout the semester, as well as important and timely information for international students. We have some exciting events planned for the Fall, such as the Indoor World Cup tournament. If you’re worried about surviving winter, check out the Winter Survival Workshop. Finally, if you have questions about anything, and don’t know where to start, come see us – we’re here to help!