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  • Top 10 Reasons to meet your Academic Advisor

    This week, we're excited to bring you a guest post from Jenni Kotowski, Academic Advisor in the Division of General Studies (DGS).

    By Jenni Kotowski

    There are a number of good reasons to meet with your academic advisor on a regular basis. Besides the fact that your academic advisor can help talk about which classes to take in the upcoming semester; your advisor can discuss a wide variety of topics to make sure you are performing to your highest potential. The following is a list of the Top 10 reasons to meet with your academic advisor:

    # 1 – Registration is coming up!

    # 2 – You are thinking about changing your major or college.

    # 3 – If you have questions about the drop deadline and whether you should drop a class.

    #4 – If you need information on how to elect credit/no credit for a class.

    #5 – To discuss resources available if you are having trouble picking a class or exploring majors.

    #6 – If you are having trouble with a particular instructor.

    # 7 – If you want to see if classes from another institution will transfer to Illinois or how to send a transcript.

    # 8 – To find out about extracurricular activities related to interest/field of study.

    #9 – To discuss possible minors or double majors that would complement your major interests.

    # 10 – If you are having any personal or academic problems that are affecting academic progress.

    So if you haven’t done so already, call your advisor and schedule an appointment to talk about your major, career interests, your academic progress or any other academic related issues that are important to you.