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  • Hello Fall!

    By Nicole Vernon

    Hello Fall!

    Fall has officially arrived! The weather is cool and the leaves are changing to a beautiful mix of orange, red, and yellow. Food choices also indicate that Fall has arrived– many coffee shops start offering Pumpkin Spice lattes, pumpkin flavored coffees or foods, Apple Cider (hot or cold) is available in stores, and apple orchards are at their peak for selecting apples and other delicious items. Some common activities you may find this time of year include:

    • Carving pumpkins
    • Visiting apple orchards
    • Visiting Haunted Houses and attractions
    • Trick-or-treating on Halloween
    • Hayrides
    • Sitting around a bonfire
    • Corn mazes

    Along with Fall, Halloween is a big holiday that many people in the U.S. celebrate. It is typical for families to celebrate by dressing their children in costumes and going door to door “trick-or-treating”, where children ask for candy by saying “trick-or-treat!”, and also by decorating their houses for the occasion with the goal of creating a scary, but fun environment. Each community designates hours that trick-or-treating will be held and also whether it is a one or two day event. Not all families and households participate in trick-or-treating, so those who will pass out candy to trick-or-treaters will leave a light on outside their house as a signal that trick-or-treaters are welcomed. For Champaign and Urbana, trick-or-treating will be on Halloween this year (October 31st) from 6-8 p.m.

    Some events and places around the C-U area you can visit to fully experience what Fall and Halloween are all about can be found here:

    Curtis Orchard:

    Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch: