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  • Deepak Somaya Wins Best Article Award

    Congratulations to our own Deepak Somaya for winning the California Management Review’s annual Best Article Award for his article “Innovation in Multi-Invention Contexts: Mapping Solutions to Technological and Intellectual Property Complexity.”  This article was co-authored with David Teece and Simon Wakeman. The award is given each year to an article that has made the best contribution to business practice, as judged by a distinguished panel of senior executives.  Deepak Somaya teaches the IP Strategy elective during the EMBA immersion week in Champaign and the Strategic Human Capital course for the second years.

    The abstract of the article:

    More than ever, commercializing new patent-based products requires drawing on multiple inventions typically spread among a variety of organizations. Success requires overcoming the organizational barriers and transaction costs involved with accessing intellectual property. Innovators must also evaluate how best to appropriate value from the unique combinations that they create. This article presents a framework that provides ways of approaching both these challenges. These include a set of guidelines to assist managers in choosing from among three types of commercialization arrangements: licensing, componentization, and integration. This article then explores three strategies for appropriating the value of the innovator’s own patent(s): proprietary, defensive, and leveraging. The choice of a strategy determines the scope of the intellectual property portfolio that needs to be assembled to best capture value. Four case studies demonstrate the application of the key theoretical concepts in real-world situations.

    The details of the award are given here. You can read the complete article here.