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  • Life's Cruel Irony: Google Wins USA Today's Print Advertisement Prize

    Google Creative Labs won the first prize in a contest to encourage creativity in print advertising. The prize was $1 million worth of full-page ad space in USA Today, the organizer of the contest. Among other things, Google Creative Labs is known for Google News, a free online aggregator of news. Interestingly, Google out-earned the entire newspaper industry in 2011.

    The winning print advertisement was developed in-house (not by an agency) at Google Creative Labs that recruits young talent every year as interns, trains them, and sends them back out to the industry. A group of five interns created the magnificent “Love in Paris” ad for Super Bowl XLIV.

    See the winning print ad, written by a 27 year old Natalie Hammel, for yourself and judge the advertisement.

    Natalie Hammel Print Ad

    Raj Echambadi
    Professor of Business Administration and
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