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  • Retail Clinics: Bad for Health care?

    With rising health care costs, retail clinics, typically staffed by nurse practitioners, have increased in popularity (about 6 million visitors in 2009) due to easier access. These clinics are usually located in convenient locations and patients can visit these clinics after hours. Most importantly, these retail clinics are significantly cheaper than regular primary care physician visits. Most patients visit these clinics for simple acute conditions and these clinics are usually appropriate (and cost efficient) for diagnosing these ailments rather than visiting larger hospitals. Interestingly, a new RAND study of health insurance records, finds that these retail clinic visits reduce visiting primary care for subsequent acute new conditions by about 27% and that continuity of care is hampered leaving some health experts worried.

  • Life's Cruel Irony: Google Wins USA Today's Print Advertisement Prize

    Google Creative Labs won the first prize in a contest to encourage creativity in print advertising. The prize was $1 million worth of full-page ad space in USA Today, the organizer of the contest. Among other things, Google Creative Labs is known for Google News, a free online aggregator of news. Interestingly, Google out-earned the entire newspaper industry in 2011.

  • Lesson in Strategic Innovation, Brought to you by Dr. Dre

    Here is a pop quiz for you. Who’s the market leader in the $ 2.4 Billion U.S. head phones category?

  • The PC is Not Dead (Yet!)

    My friend, Andrew Stein (EMBA ‘ 11) has a great post on the premature obituaries for personal computers (PCs). His argument is that PCs complement mobile devices including tablets and smart phones by creating digital content.

  • Congratulations, Cathy Wallace

    Our hearty congratulations go to Cathy Wallace (EMBA ’04) for being named the Chief Risk Officer at State Farm Insurance. Cathy has had a long and accomplished career with State Farm. She joined State Farm in 1983 as an accounting supervisor at the Illinois Regional Office in Bloomington, Ill and has served in many functions including accounting, human resources, and credit union operations across a variety of geographic areas. Her most recent position was as operations vice president in the Great Lakes Zone at State Farm in Bloomington. She embodies what a great innovative leader should be all about.