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  • Students, Postdocs, Faculty, and Previous Trainees Participate in Toxicology Open House

    On October 26, Comparative Biosciences students, postdocs and faculty participated in the annual Toxicology Open House on the UIUC campus. The speakers were 4 previous trainees of the program shown in the photo above with Dr. Susan Schantz (Comparative Biosciences and Toxicology Program Director).  Left to right: Drs. Schantz, Jennifer Freeman (Purdue), Helen Sable(U of Memphis), Rupesh Gupta (Proctor and Gamble), and Martin Hoagland (FDA).  Dr. Helen Sable and Dr. Rupesh Gupta started their careers at UIUC as postdocs in the laboratories of Susan Schantz and Jodi Flaws, respectively.    At the Open House, poster presentations of work conducted in the UIUC faculty laboratories was presented.  Amongst others, the current Toxicology Scholars working with Department of Comparative Biosciences faculty were also honored: Mary Laws (Post-doctoral Tox Scholar in the Bagchi lab), Wei Wang (Post-doctoral Tox Scholar in the Flaws lab), Suren Bandara (Pre-doctoral Tox Scholar in the Schantz lab), and Ayelet Ziv-Gal (Pre-doctoral Tox Scholar in the Flaws lab).