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  • Hallo von Deutschland



    Hi everyone from Hannover, Germany.  I have been here almost two weeks now and have been settling into living in downtown Hannover right in the middle of the historic district, and also working with colleagues at the "Tieraertzliche Hochschule Hannover" (fondly known as "TiHo" here").    In the first photo, I am standing in front of the renovated "Leibnizhaus" which is owned by the university.  My apartment window on the 5th floor is shown by the arrow. Actually it would be called the 4th floor here, but they count the ground floor as zero. 

    The second photo shows our view over the "Altstadt" (old town) and the Markthalle Kirche (church).

                     View from Room

    As you can see, I am near lots of shops and restaurants, and a 6 minute walk from the subway system, and about a 10 minute walk from the main train station in Hannover.   So far, the weather has been cooperating and I am getting to the vet school via a loaner bicycle, which I've souped up with a higher seat and a new bell (important here).  If you don't have proper lighting on your bike, the police can assess you some serious fines.  But aside from "fussball" and "bier," I'd say that Germans are most serious about their bikes as both recreation and practical transportation. And of course, I forgot "Formula 1" racing too! Here is the bike which was graciously loaned to me by a TiHo colleague:

    Bike So, where do I work?  I am operating out of the 

    Competence Centre for E-Learning, Didactics and Educational Research in Veterinary Medicine 

     E-Learning Center known to most as the newly renovated "Yellow House" as the E-Learning Center has received a series of grants recently funding its activities.  This building is right across the street from the several year old small animal clinic (see below), and the equine clinic behind it.  With the windows open, I can hear the calls of the exotic birds from their open air bird cage across the street.

     Small Animal ClinicJust today, I visited their clinical skills center, which is based on their old campus in the old small animal clinic.  The Cattle Clinic remains at that location about a mile down the road closer to downtown Hannover.  I'll probably give a report on that facility, which, in the timeframe of a year (and apparently lots of government funding) led to a very impressive facility for students to learn various clinical skills.

    Finally, I will end this entry with noting that, two nights ago, I had the pleasure of being evacuated, along with 9000 residents in the old section of Hannover, because a 1000 kg unexploded American bomb from the 1943 raids was found within sight of where I am living. I live at the red arrow and bomb was at the orange x on the map below.  We were evacuated to a local technical school from 10 PM to about 4 AM where they provided soup, drinks and beer garden tables to sit.   It was great practice for my German skills as I listened to 2 couples who were 75-85 years old recount vividly some of their experiences as children during the war. History lessons like that you don't get in school.  More later!  Duncan




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