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  • Innovation in Marketing Award: Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

    Mike DeLorenzo, Mike Thomas, Robin Kaler
    Mike DeLorenzo, Mike Thomas, Robin Kaler

    The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics at Illinois is its own brand. In fact, it has its own mark – the Block I – which would be strictly forbidden for campus units. But as one of our most important affiliated agencies, DIA has been brand-building for much longer than the academic institution has, and now, under the direction of Mike Thomas, Warren Hood and many others, it has launched the Illinois: Our State, Our Team campaign and is including that slogan on everything it does, from billboards to Public Service Announcements.

    The O-S-O-T campaign, as it’s called, fits so neatly into the campus “family” campaign that it strengthens the bonds between our identity as a Big Ten competitor and our identity as a world-class university. This is no accident – it reflects the intelligent marketing mindset of leaders who understand that our marketing efforts are mutually beneficial, and that we’re stronger when we speak with one voice.