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  • Team Player Award: OCE-ATLAS Digital Media

    Liam Moran, Colleen Cook, Bob Dignan, Robin Kaler
    Liam Moran, Colleen Cook, Bob Dignan, Robin Kaler

    From handling high-profile, last-minute requests for video footage, to being a brand leader by using the new video bumpers for all Coursera classes created at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, to working nights and weekends to ensure that events such as Commencement and Chancellor’s Town Halls can be viewed live online worldwide, the staff at OCE-ATLAS Digital Media embody the spirit of team players.

    Whether they are leading the way for Illinois by providing live captioning for Commencement to make the event more accessible for those with hearing disabilities and non-native English speakers – a capability not offered by any of our peers – or creating the Illinois Accessible Media Player or other custom programming, the OCE-ATLAS team is always there to lend a hand.

    As multimedia use continues to explode on campus, these dedicated video production professionals will continue to put the long-term interests of the University first, and for that we thank the OCE-ATLAS Digital Media team.