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  • Getting started with a Survey?


    A quick start to learning the Survey (or Form) Builder is to copy the Sample Survey.  After copying the Sample Survey you will have an example of every question type that is available.  Simply edit the questions or delete them and create new ones.

    1. Login to the Toolbox at http://illinois.edu/toolbox
    2. Click the Communications button at the top
    3. Under Survey Builder in the left navigation click Create/edit
    4. Click the Prebuilt tab
    5. Copy the Sample Survey

    Now edit the Sample Survey and click through all of the tabs.  To view the Survey click View at the top.  Make any changes you like, click save, and then click view again to preview your changes.

    Always test your form and survey by making it live on the general tab, filling it out, run reports.  When you are happy simply end the form or survey and make it live again to have a clean result set.

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