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  • What are "blocked" emails?

    Blocked emails are email addresses that have shown a prior consistant pattern of not being able to be delivered.  Once an email has been flagged as bad 6 times it will then be considered blocked.  After 60 days we will unblock the email and try sending again.  If the email then sends successfully it will be removed from the blocked list.  If it does not send it will be blocked for another 60 days and the process will repeat.

    On the "My Emails" and My "Arhcives" tabs we will display blocked totals in addition to sent and pending totals. 

    A new tab called "Blocked" has been added.  After your email has sent or is sending the Blocked tab will be displayed within that particaular email in the Toolbox.  Here you will find all of the emails that are flagged as "blocked".


    Also on the Blocked tab you will find a list of emails that have a growing likelihood of being blocked in the future.