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  • Why are my emails going to my junk folder?


    Emails are sometimes identified as spam and filtered to your junk folder.  Each email client has it's own filters and rules but we can offer some generic guidelines: 

    1. Don't have multiple links to the same URL.  If you have the title of a story linking to the article, don't link the image to the same article.  Multiple links to the same URL will cause some clients to filter as spam.
    2. Foreign Languages.  We are not sure what percent, but we've found some emails go to junk when they contain some percent of non-english text.
    3. Image size.  Images over a certain size cause some clients to filter as spam.  

    We recommend testing with Outlook.  We have found that if your email can get by the Campus Outlook spam filter then it typically gets by all email clients filters.  However it is always a good idea to test in every client you have available to you.  Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc...