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  • How do I create a group?

    To create a group:

    1. From the Group Manager, choose "New" Group.
    2. Select the Type of Group you wish to create.
      1. Security and Privileges Group - For assigning access to members of your team to WebTools Projects
      2. Email Distribution - These are the users you will be emailing
      3. Opt Out - This is a Group that handles a special case where you want to provide users an Opt Out option, however, you do not wish to remove them from the Email Distribution Group.
      4. Import from Active Directory
    3. Give your group a name and click save
    4. Your Group will be available for yoou to choose in the dropdown menus of WebTools Applications.


    NOTE: For information on adding users to the group please see the FAQ post "How do I add users to a group?"

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