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  • How do I add users to a group?

    Users can be added to a group in two different ways.

    METHOD 1: Manually add users 

    1. Click "edit" for the group you wish to add users to
    2. Click the Users" tab and then click Add Users
    3. Type or copy and paste users and click add:

      Be sure to choose the correct delimiter on the right if you are adding multiple users at one time.  The correct format is:


    METHOD 2: Uploading a List from a Speadsheet

    The second way to add users to a group is to upload a file.  This file must be a text file with all users seperated by carriage returns. You can do this using a spreadsheet in Excel:

    1. Choose your Group you'd like to edit in the Group Manager, then choose the "Upload/Download" tab (shown below).
    2. On the "Upload/Download" tab you'll see you can choose a format for the information you'll use. This example is using the "Email Address, First Name, Last Name" format.
    3. Created an Excel file that matches the format you wish to use. Save this as a .CSV file.

    4. Choose your format and upload your .CSV file. The users are now added to your Group.

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