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  • Is there a way to resize text?

    Occasionally, we receive emails complaining about skins looking bad - broken headers/banners, content being too wide, etc. - that are actually issues caused by Windows.  What causes it?  The reason is usually the large text size applied for the user.  One possible solution may be to adjust the size.  To do so, follow these teps:

    1.    Go to Control Panel
    2.    Change “View by:” to Large Icons
    3.    Click “Display” icon
    4.    Change display size to “Smaller – 100% (default)”
    5.    Click Apply

    Upon clicking Apply, you’ll be asked to logoff and log back on.  Click “Log off now” (but make sure to save all your files beforehand) and log back on. 

    *Note* - All your computer icons and text will be resized.  If it becomes difficult to read the screen, it's advised you revert back to your original settings.