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  • How to enable Subscribe and Unsubscribe

    A couple of things to keep in mind...

    Email+ Subscribe/Unsubscribe Settings
    Email+ is where Subscribe/Unsubscribe would be available to set. However, Subscription settings are only an option for skins created with the Skin Wizard. In Email+, when you choose a skin created with the Skin Wizard, Email+ will then show you those Subscription options you can set. (Those subscription setting are then located in Email+ > General tab > Subscription subtab).

    About the Skin Designer Wizard
    You’ll note that skins created with the wizard are simple single-column designs. This enables it to work across ALL devices and email clients, which is incredibly difficult to get right. We’ve invested a great deal of research and testing into nearly every device and email client on the market, which means when you use our Skin Designer Wizard, you’ll know your emails will look great to everyone all the time.