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  • Inline Skating Rink

    I am a little upset that the skating rink is closed and I know of several other students that feel the same way. If it is some kind of safety hazard, I'm sure the problem can be fixed without a huge amount of money. I have also heard rumors that it might be demolished to make room for basketball courts. There are plenty of places to play basketball around campus and very few to play hockey. I just want campus rec to keep us hockey players in mind before they decide to make any huge changes.

#1 Apr 22, 2011 11:00 am quote
The outdoor inline rink is currently closed due to safety concerns and we will begin demolition in the next few months. It is not without a great deal of research that we determined this decision. We have spent a great deal of money keeping the outdoor inline rink useable over the past several years. Given the age of the rink we are at the point where we were going to have to triple that cost to continue using it. Over a year ago we began to document the rink usage and determined that the numbers do not warrant maintaining that operation given that we have an indoor court at CRCE that can be used for roller hockey. We must also be fiscally responsible to our users with the money we receive in student fees. Discussions were held this past year with several student groups concerning our next steps. It was determined that outdoor basketball courts would better serve a larger population of users in this location. I understand that you and others use this area, but given the cost of repairs and the opportunity to use the indoor options, it did not warrant maintaining the outdoor rink. I thank you for your questions and concerns. Sincerely - Robyn Deterding, director of Campus Recreation

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