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  • Track at ARC

    I noticed that a previous poster expressed concerns about the track rules at CRCE being ignored by staff and patrons. The same thing happens routinely at ARC. People walk two to three across, at times taking up all lanes. This creates frustration and a potentially dangerous situation when runners are attempting to circumvent these walking social clubs.

    I realize that staff cannot patrol the track constantly, but perhaps "reminder" signs in several locations along the track would be helpful. These people are plainly rude and need to be called out as such. You would think the WALK..JOG..RUN.. indications on the track itself would suffice, but nothing ceases to amaze me anymore.

    ARC is a great facility and there are many of us that greatly appreciate a 5-to-a-mile indoor track, especially in the winter, but frankly I have stopped going to ARC owing to the problem stated above.

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