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  • ARC elipiticals


    Hi! I noticed that over the past few weeks(?) many of the elipticals on the 1st floor of ARC has been replaced with newer versions of Precor. While the new Precors are nice, I really miss the "book stands" on the old Precors.

    The older version had a ledge on the control pad, which makes it easy to mount books, notes, and even computers to entertain me while on the elipticals. The new version has a sleek design but doesn't leave room for mounting anything other than watching the built-in TV program.

    Now I have to fight for the few  Precor EFX 576i up stairs so I can have a stand. Can we please keep some of the Precors that have ledges? 




#1 Feb 8, 2012 11:27 am quote

The new elipticals will actually be retro-fitted with a holder/ledge for magazines, books, etc. The new machines don't come with this (not sure why) so we had asked to have those added. I would expect to see them added within a month or so.

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