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  • ARC Rowing Machines

    Last Thursday, I informed the staff at the ARC that the rowing machines on the top floor of the ARC had been put together incorrectly (the seats are attached to the tracks backwards). 

    As of last night (Monday), the seats had still to be fixed. I rowed last night anyway with the improperly positioned seat and have a nice big blister on my backside today as a result. It takes 1 screwdriver (flathead) and about 2 minutes to do each one. 

    Please do this today. It takes nearly 0 manpower/effort/should have never happened in the first place. 


#1 Feb 22, 2012 11:32 am quote

The rowers had some maintenance done to them on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 21. The seats have now been checked and correctly positioned. Thanks.

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