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  • Gym Live Streams

    This might be a stretch, and more of a long term project, but it would be nice to have live online video streams of the gyms, particularly the basketball courts, that are available to access online. Goign to the courts and then finding out that no one is there or too many people are there is always disheartening ("should we go check the other gym?". Having online streams would be an easy way to check the status of the basketball courts or workout areas, and might promote a better flow of student traffic through the gyms.

#1 Aug 30, 2012 5:04 pm quote

We have talked about this idea before and there are several issues (cost, logistics, privacy issues, etc.).  We will look at getting user data on our web site so you know the time of day the facilities are busier, etc.  It would be hard to get data when particular courts are busy.  Lunch hours and after 4pm you should always find a game or two in eithe gym 4 or gym 1 (those are the main basketball courts).

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