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  • WiFi at CRCE

    Hi, this week the WiFi service in the second level at CrCE has been down. In repeated ocassion I have told the staff and they always tell me that is because there is no wireless service on the second floor. I have used the service many time before (years) and has worked just fine. I can see the IllinoisNET signal but it always tells me it is a connection problem. I teach over at Foelinger and we had a similar issue over there.... it turns out it was the router. Internet service is available in a lot of campus buildings and I think it is an important service here. The staff refuses to fix the issue and they only say that they simply don't offer wireless in the second floor. Please fix.

#1 Oct 8, 2012 9:19 am quote

The student staff is correct. At this time, there is NOT a UIUCwireless hotspot on the upper level of CRCE. There is nothing our staff can do about this. It is a CITES issue. We understand that more people are using wireless devices while on the upstairs machines, so we are working on getting a wireless location installed on the upper level. CITES work priorities are slowing that down at this time. Please be patient as they get to us on their list. They have been to CRCE and completed the first step in installing wireless on the upper level. You used to pick up the signal upstairs, but CITES installed new ports - which should have made the signal better - but it actually made it worse, unfortunately. Just rest assured, we are working on getting wireless installed on that upper level.

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