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  • Pool Hours NOT followed!

    Grrr -- Indoor pool closed before stated "closed for meet" hours today!

    I went to the pool today for a swim and was turned away because the pool was closed for a meet.  When i got back to my office I checked the Newsletter which had no mention of this, the wellness letter sent out a few days before which also had no mention of this and finally the web page -- which did have it mentioned "closed from 2 to 7 for a varsity meet."  from there i looked to my computer clock which read 1:47.  so, I was probably at the pool no later than 1:30.  Why was the pool closed early?  Please make sure pool staff are better informed about such things and follow them correctly.  As my one time to use my membership that day, i would like compensation.  This wasted time, caused me to miss my short but needed swim, and cost me parking money.  

#1 Oct 19, 2012 4:14 pm quote

We apologize for your inconvenience today when visiting the ARC.  However, the closure for the swimming/diving meet has been posted on the pool door since mid-August. It specifically lists the 2 days in fall semester that there are swim meets. Today’s and next Friday, Oct. 26 (closed from 2-7pm).  The large majority of patrons have told us they prefer having them listed on the door signs as they see that every day. The notification was also listed on the front page of the web site since Wednesday and there was a notification poster in front of the locker room placed on Wednesday. It is listed correctly on the web site for today (1-6pm). Next Friday's is when it closes at 2pm.

You are right, it was mistakenly left out of the Campus Rec member newsletter. We do apologize for that. That closure slipped through the cracks when putting the newsletter information together. We have put in protocols to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future. The wellness newsletter is from a separate office and would not be listing pool hours.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience today.


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