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  • Mens locker room etiquette

    I go to CRCE everyday in these days. The mens locker room was always clean and quiet until in this afternoon. When I came back to the locker room after workout, there were mess. I found a lot kids in the pool, so I guess that there is a summer camp or some kind of program for kids. There were a lot of grown-ups on the gym too including myself. The locker room is the public place not for "kids only". I don't know who is responsible for that happen but the camp/program manager or their parents should have taught an etiquette to the kids. Or if one of the CRCE staffs noticed that, he/she should have told the person who run the program.



#1 Jul 19, 2013 9:21 am quote

You are most right this type of behavior is unacceptable in any part of our facilities. We will talk with this rental group and once again inform them of our expectations as visitors in our facilities. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. Also, in the future, please report this to our member services staff as they should address an issue like this immediately.  Thank you.

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