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  • The Japan House

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    MSTM Student Hana talks about one of her favorite spots on campus; The Japan House.

  • MSTM Advancement Track

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    Stella Yang dicusses her choice to return to school after working for fifteen years and why she believes it was the best decission for her.

  • I Got It!

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    Sushmita discusses her experience of leaving the workforce and her home to come study at UIUC. Upon coming to learn about the business and technologies industiries within the MSTM program, she learns how to cope with student life as well as the process of interviewing for jobs. Her amazing work ethic and determination paid off when she landed her dream job with PricewaterhouseCoopers!

  • What I Learned From Forming a Student Organization

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    There are so many ways students can grow at UIUC besides academically. MSTM student Christina Tang discusses her experience starting a student organization on campus that promotes happiness on campus. 

  • Preparing for the Future

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    Majority of students who join the MSTM program are hoping to earn a degree that will make them more competitive in the business industry. Besides recieving a wonderful education, the faculty here at UIUC work extra hard to help students as they embark on job searches throughout the year. Yu-Jen Lin talks about her experience with the career resources in the MSTM program.

  • Why Study in the Middle of a Corn Field

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    Despite the fact that The University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign is settled in the heart of rural farmland, the school still attracts thousands of students from all around the world. Kaarthik explains why, year after year, young adults flock to U of I and continue to fall in love with this marvelous university.

  • The Start of Something New

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    Moving to a new country is an exhiliarting experience that many of our students face when coming to study at UIUC. MSTM student, Varsha Venkat, touches upon her personal experience coming to America, her first few weeks on campus and what she is looking forward to in the coming year.

  • Innography in the Classroom

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    University of Illinois College of Business Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM) Students using Advanced Analysis an Intellectual Property Analytics Platform by Innography in the Classroom.

  • Good Eats in Champaign!!

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    Graduate school can be very stressful at times and one of the best ways to calm yourself before, after, or during these stressful times is food.  Food is one of the best ways to calm down the nerves and relax, but its important that its GOOD food! During my 4 years here at the university, I was able to dine-in at many restaurants, and I want to share what I consider to be some of the gems!

  • Like a Good Neighbor...

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    The MSTM program brings in speakers from industry to help supplement what we learn in the classroom. The State Farm presentation gave me very valuable insight on why these company events are offered to students in the program. Read more to hear about my experience!

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