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  • Life at UIUC

    I still remember my first day in Champaign, feeling all nostalgic.  All I had was two big samsonite suitcases and Urbana-Champaign map. First thing I did was I went to the Bombay grill. Next day, I woke up with all the excitement and was ready to start my MS-TM program but I was missing my mom and grandmother because they used to make my breakfast everyday.  But the feeling of nostalgia  started  to subside as I was looking forward to meeting new people and was nearly  hoping to meet  a lot of other  Indians in my batch but was surprised to find out  that there are hardly any Indians. It was that day and its now where I am surrounded with a diverse group of people learning together, having fun and helping each other. Its been two months since we started off and my life at UIUC has been unpredictable for me, from getting bad scores to good scores and getting rejected as a show coordinator to being a MS-TM blogger.

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