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  • Allerton Park

    Today we went to Allerton Park in Monticello, Il.  We went there as part of our Frontiers 590 class and for the purpose of team building.  At first glance, I casted this idea aside and thought it was going to be simply a long and taxing day (both mentally and physically).  These notions were dispelled almost immediately.

         Throughout the day, each member of the group had to participate in team building excersises.  These excersises allowed team members to get to know each other without ever really having to ask any questions or force any conversation.  This is especially important to the MS-TechMgmt program because the group is so diverse that perhaps people would tend to stick to their comfort zones.

         Most if not all of the day was spent in high spirits and shared with a lot of laughter.  It is easy to say that this event allowed most of the program members to become more familiar with each other, while at the same time doing something that was exciting and fun.

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