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    Oct. 23, 2009

        I was very excited and pleased to visit Richardson Manufacturing Company today.  RMC is a major manufacturer of Catepillar 797 parts (like the back axel of the larger truck pictured above).  These massive trucks pretty much dwarf everything around them in terms of size and pure strength.  They are designed for mining activities.

        This was also our first experience with a manufacturing company, so we got to apply some of our core business classs lessons.  For example, we got to view how a company like this utilizes some quantitative analysis proceedures, as well as process management proceedures.

         It was interesting to see how a the company received inventory in terms of a rear axel that had been molded, but not brought to specifications for each company.  These axels came in from another manufacturer and then were tuned to exactly what Catepillar needed.  The process was quite complicated and involded heavy machinery and complex steal cutting proceedures.

         Quality control was also very important to RMC due to the fact that each piece of raw material they received was expensive.  Their proceedures to refine this raw material were also expensive.  Therefore, when mistakes are made at RMC, it is very costly, and also caused delays in delivery time.

         Overall, the experience was delightful, and culminated with a fantastic lunch provided by the program.

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