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  • With family

    In my case, to make the decision to pursue a master degree outside my country was something to think twice because it meant that my wife and my son should also leave everything they have at home.

    The three of us have been here in Urbana-Champaign for almost five months and I can say that we really like it. One of the things that make us feel “at home” are friends. Many of my friends in the MsTech program are in the same situation and have their family here. We hang-out together, cook dinners and eat food from all over the world, travel together and even take our kids to the same daycare.

    In my case, my wife is very busy preparing for her master degree, but if you think yours will be bored in Urbana-Champaign, you are wrong. Here you have many options, like taking courses in Parkland College (, exercise in the impressive recreation facilities of the university ( or take the kids to the amazing parks in the city (
    During weekends it is always nice to take a trip to Chicago or other close cities like Bloomington, Peoria, Indianapolis or go to the very close Tuscola outlet

    If you have any questions about the city and life here, feel free to contact me.

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