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  • John Deere

    The MS Tech Mgmt program is designed to learn new things, whether its in classes, field trips or frontiers, where we have guest speakers, sharing their knowledge and experience with us. And one of the presenters we had recently was Jack W. Berg, the Director of Supply Management for the John Deere Worldwide Parts Services Group. Jack directs material management functions related to forecasting, scheduling and distribution of current and non-current service parts. Jack has long history with John Deere. He joined as an Industrial Engineer at the John Deere Harvester Works. Jack has held positions in manufacturing engineering, supplier development, project management, supply management and order fulfillment.


    Jack W.Berg

    Jack’s presentation focused on collaborative decision-making in modern supply chains and evaluating the methods, technologies and outcomes of complex corporate collaborations. His presentation also emphasized purchasing, production and distribution of goods and services. Plus, he shared his experience on business techniques to insure efficiency and quality across the entire supply chain, from sourcing materials and production through distribution and customer satisfaction.

    Mr. Berg was definitely mesmerizing and gave me goose bumps throughout the presentation, especially when he shared his anecdotes recalling the real-time situations which we couldn’t have thought about. And this making us think that the world out there is not an easy one to survive. Indicating to us that we need to be ready with as much knowledge as we can grasp from each day we spent in the university. 

    We were delighted to have Jack present at our university and sharing the key concepts behind John Deere’s success. Especially during the time where all our studies revolve around decision making, supply chain management and many other related topics. Overall, it was a great opportunity for the MS Tech Mgmt students to learn real-time situations from someone like Jack W. Berg.




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