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  • Robert Bosch Tool Corporation - Field Trip

    In my last blog, I mentioned how the MS-TM program is designed to help educate students. Two weeks ago, we had Jack Berg, the presenter from John Deere and just this last week we had an opportunity to visit Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.  While at Bosch we caught a glimpse into what the cooperate world looks like. For over 60 years the company has outfitted professional tradesmen with premium quality bits and blades designed to meet rugged jobsite requirements Bosch, which is one of the largest power tool accessories brands in the world. It has its Headquarters of North America based in Chicago.  It also has brands like Vermont American, Rotozip, Dremel and Skill that are a part of Robert Bosh Tool Corporation.

    Our day began in the merchandising room with a bit of introduction on Bosch and what it represents. Then we toured the facility and had the opportunity to learn a little about each of the different business units of Bosch. Plus we got to understand how each of these business units help Bosch to deal with supply chain management, finance, marketing, production, quality, purchasing and IT. But the best part was to see the Bosch Model Shop.  The Model shop is where all the designing of the tool, testing, power testing and safety testing is done. Once we were done with the tour, we had presentations from CFO, Director of Sales & Retail, and the Head of Supply Chain and Logistics. The best part of these presentations was all of them shared their real-time experiences (which is better than reading a case in class anytime).

    To wrap it up, it was a good learning experience for all of the MS-TM students. But in all this I forgot to mention one thing, most of us had an opportunity to give our resumes directly to the  HR department. This was the icing on the cake!  How many times do we get a chance to give our resumes directly to the HR instead of using web portal to submit our resumes. I am sure this visit has opened doors for many MS-TM students, which is the goal of Frontiers in Technology.



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