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  • My MSTM Family

    Hello, I am Jeff Hampson current student in the class of 2010.  I have a little over eleven years of experience in information technology.  Roughly the first seven years of my career were at least 80% technical; hands-on programming, networking LAN/WAN/Wireless, phones, software/hardware support, basically everything IT, and then 20% business; project management, budgeting, and presentations. Since I made the move to a primarily management side of IT about four to five years ago that ratio has been reversed.  I got to a point in my career where I needed a Masters degree to really provide that upper management foundation and structure to support my future growth.  The MS-TM program has provided that and I am very proud to have been a part of it. I received my Undergrad from Illinois State University in Industrial Computer Systems and my Associates degree in Computer Networking from Parkland College.

    Perhaps something that often goes overlooked when thinking about what there is to gain from attending the MSTM program, is the relationships you build within it.  I don’t just mean business relationships and future networking opportunities that you will undoubtedly have from your classmates.  I mean really honest friendships, partnerships, people who will be there for you.  This is not a class of intense cut-throat competition. It is one of teamwork and family where creativity thrives, empowerment is the journey, and confidence in the business world is the result.  The people in the program are your greatest resource, and what you might learn the most from.

    Undoubtedly the curriculum in the program is excellent, the work is challenging and rewarding. There is an old saying “Practice makes perfect”. But really, practice does not make perfect. If you are practicing in a closed world with a tunnel vision of concepts taught at you, you are gaining knowledge but you aren’t evolving. What is knowledge if you don’t have the wisdom to use it? Wisdom is an evolution that comes from adapting to your environment. The diversity of this program is rich. So many different cultures, different opinions, different values, different goals, different experiences, all generate an environment to truly grow as an individual and a professional.

    The bond you will make and feel with your classmates facilitate this evolution.  The more you get to know them the more you will find the capability to adapt and grow, and the more perfect your practice will be.  Consider there is an immense amount of practical knowledge to obtain in the classroom there is just as much or more to obtain out of it. Spend the time to get to know your classmates, the more foreign to you, the better.  Get on the social committee, attend all of the social events, share in this experience together.  If you do this, this program will exceed your expectations, it will change you in the best way.

    So study hard my friends, it will not be easy, actually it will be hard as hell, but take comfort in the fact that if you work hard your classmates are there for you. 

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