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  • so many choices, so little time

    Multinational Management. Operations Strategy. Negotiations. Sustainable Marketing Enterprises. IT & E-Business Strategy. Decision Support and Knowledge Management. These are just some of the elective topics we are allowed to take next semester. Choices are a plenty, but decision in what to take is really difficult.

    So far we've had a lot of useful classes that I am sure will be useful in the professional world. Coming from an engineering background, all the classes in marketing, statistics, accounting, managing innovation, and process management this semester, as well as basic finance and supply chain management required next semester have already expanded my knowledge so much. The question is right now which of these electives should I choose.

    The Technology Management program is designed to teach the necessary skills in only one year. I highly recommend this program for both business and engineering graduates who would like to expand their knowledge to prepare your professional career. The thing is we are required to take 4 hours of credit electives next semester and that would only constitute one semester length class or two half semester length classes. We are allowed to take more than that but considering we have 12 units of required classes already, time management would be even harder to handle all the classes.

    I believe with so many choices here we are also being taught to make important decisions regarding our future. I am going with something that suits more on what background I came from and what industry / position I would love to have in the future. Having said that, I believe if I take any of the classes offered I would still be learning a whole lot from the various distinguished faculties here in Illinois.

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