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  • 8 Weeks of MSTM Program in UIUC College of Business!

    As much as people get used to coffee, MSTM in UIUCs College of Business is an addiction in ways people have to find out with experience.

    It’s been 8 weeks already and we have learned so much, not just reading notes and learning when the professor teaches us. You work not just in your teams but all the time.You work and analyze companies and cases with professionals as well as professors. You are amongst people with 5-10 years of experience and they have views and experiences which you have never heard before. Our classroom is like a coffee shop. A coffee shop has 15 different flavors and you will only know the fine taste of each coffee when you order and taste it. In MSTM you don’t have to order, people are offering their opinions and experiences all the time. You know the finer taste of everything already.

    We had two career fairs with so many different companies. The university has students from all over the world and it has companies from all over the world too to match the diversity. We had opportunities to talk to people who come from different backgrounds. The beauty of being a part of MSTM is that every company, no matter what they do, needs qualified managers. They trust UIUC’s quality in education. The jobs range from consulting to manufacturing. You have to aim for it and have the will to achieve with absolute dedication. Graduating from the best school is a once in a life time for most people.  People who realize the importance of learning and excelling will always be the ones to exploit what MSTM offers. Opportunities are everywhere. You step into MSTM you have twenty opportunities around you. One who grabs it first and makes the most of it is the one to move ahead in the race.

    Illinois College of Business gives you the ability to think innovatively.  MSTM has courses on innovation and how to manage innovation. Those are some of the courses which are so important for a manager. Innovation doesn’t mean you need to invent a different form of a light bulb all over again. It shows that there are different ways to succeed and being innovative and creative is two of the most important factors which lead to success. Courses make you well prepared to rule your business no matter what sector it is.

     MSTM program with a pinch of Innovation is the magic potion which will definitely take you places!


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