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  • State Farm Case Competition

    State Farm, one of the largest insurer in the United States, with more offices than there are McDonals and Starbucks, a company that is regarded as very traditional and conservative is now taking a path of innovations and technology. It held Case Competition for our program, where students needed to come up with some innovative ideas for the company. It was a great chance for our classmates to put their creativity, and everything that they learned in class (Marketing, Finance, and Managing Innovations) into practice.

    The day started early with presentations split into three different rooms where judges from State Farm were able to choose the best projects. Students showed tremendous enthusiasm, hard-work and high quality of the results. Each project deserved great evaluation, however, based on the needs only one project from each group made it to the final. 

    In the final, the best three projects were competing among each other and were judged by all the State Farm crew that came that day. The projects were of such a high quality that at the final deliberation State Farm folks had to think a lot about which project to choose to be a winner, as all of them were equally creative and innovative. 

    After a long deliberation, State Farm has chosen the group that proposed the most reasonable solution for the problem statement that was proposed. Kudos to Chunyang DaiKuanysh ItalmasovRita ChousalkarWendy Cheng, and Mustafa Cakmak. 

    We were really excited to have this experience that really brought us to a real world scenario of thinking about the ideas for the real company, face real-life challenges and possibly have real impact on State Farm in the future. We consider it to be a tremendous and very useful learning experience. 

    Thank you for this opportunity!





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