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  • 850 miles off Broadway

    Avenue Q at Assembly Hall
    Avenue Q at Assembly Hall

    When people visit New York City, one of the things that is recommended to do is to catch a Broadway show. Luckily the Assembly Hall in Illinois (which is also home to the Fighting Illini basketball teams) are hosting the "Broadway Series" this year, showing six different Broadway / Off-Broadway productions ranging from the classic to the recent ones.

    I watched Avenue Q on Saturday April 15th with four classmates and it was very much entertaining. Other shows that some of our classmates went to includes Mamma Mia! (the ABBA-inspired musical that also has a movie version starring Meryl Streep) and Cats (the classic musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber of Phantom of the Opera fame). The place was packed by avid musical enthusiasts as well as first-timers including myself.

    Other than the musicals being hosted this year the Assembly Hall also hosts a lot of interesting shows with variety. Bob Dylan performed late last year, the WWE wrestling federation was there a month ago, and one day after the Avenue Q show hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa will be performing as well. So despite being 2 hours from Chicago, the university has certainly done a great job in bringing the citizens of Champaign-Urbana the very best of the entertainment industry.

    For more information you can go directly to the Assembly Hall website!

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