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  • Frontiers in Technology's CASE Exercise

    On Friday, September 2 the MSTM students, both the advancement and graduate track, partook in a CASE exercise. In this activity we were able to practice presenting our recommendations to provide solutions for real business problems to an audience of company top management and board of directors.

    CASE 1 CASE 2The challenging portion of the exercise was completing the assignment in one day. It was all worth it because we were able to enhance our business judgment and develop skills in understanding competitive situations throughout this process. Above, are photos of Advancement Track #7 and Graduate Track #5 who were cited for their professionalism, creativity, and insight. I, Ekandrea Miller, was very fortunate to be a part of one these teams. “The key to success for being successful was being able to collaborate well with my team and by allowing each person to take a leading role-reviewing each other's ideas with constructive feedback.”

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