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  • First 5 weeks

    Today, almost first 5 weeks, my classmates and I are still alive. It was a good 5 weeks.

    The beginning of the program was pretty nice: presentations of different services and courses, leisurely breakfasts and lunches, reviewing workshop about economics and statistics.

    Team-building, which I never had before, is an awesome experience. We really plunged in depth into ourselves; trying to understand the connection between each other's behaviors. We learned how to build a great team by understanding each other and our role within a group. Over time, my class realized the utility of such play. Honesty and forgiveness help build a strong team.

    As the semester goes on it becomes more exhausting and the homework increases; more and more material to cover and more must be integrated. We have already begun with business school cases that cover a wide range of issues, in which we need to make decisions on what companies should do or not do. On the other hand, progress is being made: Jag, Divya, Indra, Poon, another awesome guy and me have already read the cases for the Marketing class. Successfully we passed two quizzes in the Accounting class.

    On Saturday, September 17, our class had a tailgating event before the football game. Once again I was surprised by the cultural aspect of the tailgate event. Hanz brought sushi, which seemed to be the first ever sushi of any kind at a tailgate in the history of the USA. That was an awesome time.

    So now we know how it is/looks like when time is catastrophically not enough, we are learning at warp speed as the volume of task increases with each passing week, and so little time to relax and just hang out with friends. This is MSTM at Illinois.

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