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  • SummerTime...the beginning

    We are the first bunch of fresh talent being experimented with in the MS-TM program starting this summer. From my view this was the perfect time, at least for Internationals to be launched into US. It was a peaceful and calm semester, contrasting a hectic fall. There were pleasant days, except for the few one-hundred degree days. This was first time in my life took I an online course which began my journey in this tech-advanced nation. In spite of having a technical background; I had already started thinking business with the Intro to Business course. Understanding U of I, MSTM, Champaign-Urbana, I considered myself lucky landing at right place. Just yesterday, I was sitting with a counselor in India and discussing universities far away which seemed like a dream but now is a reality from what I am experiencing here.

    MSTM Class of 2012 - Graduate track

     My new International friends: MSTM Grad track ‘12 

    Illini grove social meet

     Keeping aside all academic aspects – Oh, I forgot to mention some affable people like our director Prof. Dilip Chhajed (top right in the photo), Donna and Heather in MSTM office. We had our chance of social gatherings along with previous several other events to get to know each other better. At Illini grove, seniors shared their one year experience with the program (and profs to look out for, sshhh!) – let’s talk about some parties!

    Towards the end of summer we knew each other well but not quite well, so we decided to get together at Brother’s Bar on Green Street. Brothers'

    This was our first MSTM official party event on campus. There were drinks, games, and dances; pretty much, having good time with my classmates!

    I personally enjoyed, even though, I don’t drink.

    Sarah's home party

    We had dinner and games, when Sarah – MSTM Graduate Track Candidate –invited us before leaving her apartment (Most of us changed apartments due to lease changes). There was good food, drinks followed by ice cream and a couple of fun games. This was just one week before summer classes ended.

    This semester went by very quickly; we hardly realized how time passed and we finished one out of three semesters. It was a great beginning with summertime!

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