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  • Frontiers team building!

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    On Friday, August 26 the MSTM program candidates, both the advancement track and graduate track participated in an all-day team building activity. Teams are an important aspect of any organization; this activity taught us the importance of teambuilding and how to start building unity within our fall teams and with our MSTM class.

    The team building exercise consisted of 7 activities: blind fold, “tarzan”, giant roller, tires, wall, balance, and block. Each activity is very difficult to explain in detail; I would have to say that you had to be there to see what I was talking about to understand. Even though, the activities were challenging they were fun, new, and exciting as well. In order to be successful, the teams had to work together to devise a different strategy and tactic for each activity. In addition to that we had to encourage, trust, and rely on one another. Furthermore, at the end of each activity we were able to learn from our successes and failures so that we knew what to do or not to do when we advancement onto the next.

    At the end of the day, I built new friendships and was able to trust people more. I was very surprised by the amount of fun that I had during these activities. These activities were both physically and mentally challenging. Often times, I thought that I would not be able to complete the task because it seemed impossible. However, sometimes you don’t know what you are capable of doing until you attempt it. Despite the fact that this was a team building activity, this was also an activity to reach beyond the limits as an individual.

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