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  • Starting your career at University of Illinois!!!

    Have you thought about your future career?

    Dont worry

    University of Illinois has a really great career services. They provide students with mock interviews, information sessions, workshops, and career fairs to prepare students for a bright future. This fall, I attended the engineering career fair, engineering expo, and business career fair. There are approximately 500 companies that attend the career fairs. The career fairs are so crowded and busy with a lot of students that try to get a chance to talk with the recruiters. For the students that just came to the United States, this fall might be the busiest time ever. They not only have to do school chores and adapt to the new environment, but also need to think about their future. However, they do not want to let go this opportunity. Be brave talking with the company representatives because this will be an unforgettable experience.
    For me, this opportunity of talking with the company representatives is exciting. I get a chance to get to know about different company cultures and the position that I am interested in more. I love to hear about the recruiters working experience and challenges they might encounter at work. If we are good enough for the position the recruiters offer, they might call us for interview. First interview is usually held in campus and it mostly covers behavioral questions. The content and amount of interviews might vary depending on the companys culture. Wear business formal, be familiar with the companies condition, do some research before career fairs, make a good relationship with the recruiters, a  firm shake hand, and eye contact are the key to be successful in career fairs.

    Be confident and see your future brightly through University of Illinois career fairs!

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